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A Tribute to Mothers


What is a mother? We all have so much to say about how impactful our mothers and mother figures have been to each of us. Not in a million words could we express how much mothers mean to us.


Makes her house into a home, and all who enter will be well-fed, cared for, and blessed

Observes the needs of others and does all in her power to lessen their burden

Teaches us all we need to know for everything the future holds and stays with us through it

Helps each in her reach with a willing heart and a smile

Encourages her children and the others around her in every way she can

Repairs every broken heart that comes in contact with her

Sacrifices all she has for the ones she loves

Listens to all of our problems without judgment and with an open heart

Opens her door to all who need a place to stay and opens her heart to all who need soul mending

Views all with courtesy and kindness

Expresses the love of God through her character

A mother’s love is an undying gift bestowed upon her children. Today, we take a little time to reflect on the gift we have received under the guidance of a Godly mother. So, to every mother reading this, thank you for all you have done and for all the care and love you have poured into us and our lives. Happy Mother's Day!

Blue Skies,



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