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Circulation: The Current and Breath of Life

Good health requires good blood, and good blood requires good breathing techniques. The blood is the current of life; it removes waste and nourishes the body. When supplied with the proper food and when cleansed and vitalized by contact with pure air, the blood carries life and vigor to every part of the body. Better circulation of blood results in better health. Everything depends on the free circulation of the blood to every vessel and organ of the body.

With every pulsation of the heart, ideally, the blood will make its way quickly and easily to all parts of the body. Tight clothing or insufficient clothing of the extremities hinder proper circulation of the blood. When tight clothes are worn, or extremities exposed to cold, the blood is forced back to the central organs producing congestion, headaches, cough, irregular heartbeats, and indigestion. Being evenly clad, covering arms and legs as well as the body, with unrestrictive clothing, will improve circulation and overall health.

Full, deep inspirations of pure air fill the lungs with oxygen and purify the blood. A good respiration soothes the nerves, regulates the appetite, renders digestion more perfect, induces sound, refreshing sleep, lowers blood pressure and anxiety, and much more.

Slouching encourages shallow, superficial breathing. The abdominal muscles, which aid in breathing, cannot fully expand and retract; the lungs become weakened and have less elasticity, restricting their action. Therefore, slouching results in an insufficient supply of oxygen delivered to the blood, and the blood moves sluggishly. Because the blood is sluggish, waste matter is not thrown off and the organs of the body become congested. For example, the skin is not able to throw off toxins and pores become clogged. Digestion is compromised; the heart works harder, the brain becomes clouded, thoughts confused. If circulation is not improved, gloom sets in and the whole system suffers and becomes susceptible to disease.

Something as simple as learning to sit and stand upright and breathe deeply can help the lungs receive a constant supply of fresh air and good circulation. Pure air vitalizes the blood, and “the life is in the blood”![1] 

Breath deeply, breath well!


[1] Leviticus 17:11

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