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Organic Vegetables


We provide effective and therapeutic medical nutrition therapy and lifestyle medicine to all people, no matter what their situation may be. We offer you suggestions, support, motivation, and encouragement while you make realistic, achievable, and sustainable changes of your choosing. We compassionately address all aspects of life: physical, mental, social, spiritual, and emotional, combining the health of the body with the health of the soul. Our staff desire only the best for you in all these varied, yet interwoven aspects of health.


You will stay in your health’s driver seat. You are in control of your health and all the decisions surrounding it. We will work with you to learn your situation and needs to create a personalized plan that is realistic, achievable, and sustainable in your journey to Start A New YOU!®

"Dana West, Registered Dietitian, has worked with my patients in recent years. I first became familiar with Mrs. West’s professional work as the then Chairman of the Infection and Therapeutics Committee. I was very impressed with her fund of knowledge, her dedication and pleasant way with patients. I recommend her without reservation.” - Frank Maldonado, M.D.

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