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  • Omie Mills, M.D.

Administering Hot Compresses Alternating with Cold Friction

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Hot compresses alternating with cold friction can be used to help alleviate congestion, local infection, and to boost the immune system by stimulating increased blood circulation, mobilizing white blood cells to fight infection, and to increase sweating for toxin elimination. This treatment is contraindicated in persons with active bleeding, paralysis, unconsciousness, or with loss of sensation (i.e. diabetic neuropathy). If you have had a heart attack, place an ice bag over the heart area before hot compresses are laid on your chest. Use common sense. Be gentle with impaired circulation or impaired sensibility. Communicate with the person being treated to avoid burning and chilling. Remember that bony places burn easily. If in any doubt, consult your physician regarding your concerns before applying this therapy.

Print instructions as a PDF above, or watch the YouTube video on our channel.


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