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Four Tips to Winning Against Inflammation Part 1

I often hear from my clients who struggle with diseases of inflammation, “I have tried everything and nothing seems to work.” Can you relate? There are a lot of voices out there and every one of them have “the answer,” right?

The vast majority of my clientele have spent thousands and tens of thousands of dollars trying to find something that will really work for them. They feel they have exhausted all other options and why should they spend more money on another program that makes big promises and big claims but at the end of the day doesn’t come through? Can you feel their pain?

How can you win the battle against inflammation?

During the month of June, in my blogs, I would like to take you on a journey with my very first Start a New YOU!® participant before the official program even existed. I will share with you just FOUR principles that were the catalyst that not only helped him win the battle against inflammation, but also initiated my own inflammation healing and includes a beautiful love story as well! 😉 Who can resist a good love story?

But before I get into that let’s first establish what sets the Start a New YOU!® Program apart from every other health program and makes it worth another attempt.

First and foremost, it is a Christian, Bible-based program and therefore, the principles presented are God’s principles found in God's Word. God is faithful! When we work God’s program the program has to work!

Secondly, it addresses every aspect of life, recognizing that overall well-being encompasses more than just diet or a single aspect of healthy living. While diet is undoubtedly significant, it doesn't represent the entirety of our being. In God's eyes, we are complete individuals, and when one area of our body suffers, the entire body experiences the repercussions. Neglecting this interconnectedness can lead to diagnoses being added upon diagnoses just like a snowball effect. This is what leads to the above frustration and the throwing up of hands with the exclamation, why even try? Yet, time and time again when we see individuals at the end of their rope and yet are willing to try one more time, amazing results take place in the Start a New YOU!® Program, because it is God’s program. I cannot take any credit, and therefore, because I have such faith is God’s program, I bring you to my last point that makes the Start a New YOU!® Program stand above every other program.

And that is: I GUARANTEE RESULTS. That’s right! If you put forth the effort and follow the program recommendations and in 6 weeks have not achieved at least your minimum goal, I will refund your investment in full. So, either the program will work, or you will get more money back. It’s that simple! That’s makes it a whole lot easier to invest, doesn’t it?

Now, for my first Start a New YOU!® client before Start a New YOU!® was even thought about:

When I met Marty, I soon learned he had so many allergies I called him, “allergic to earth.” As I dug deeper to get to the root of his disease, I eventually discovered when he was 10 years old, his parents separated. Marty is a person who feels things very deeply and this separation disturbed him to the point that he got sick. He described that sickness as, “I got sick and never got well.” Although his parents eventually reunited, the insecurity the breakup created in Marty was felt all the way down into his immune system. And decades later, he was still suffering from “the attack.”

One aspect of health, such as diet could do much to help Marty, but diet alone was not going to “fix” him. Marty needed a complete “overhaul”, he needed the Start a New YOU!® Program. Although the program didn't exist at the time of Marty's struggles, its origins can be traced back to my encounter with him.

Over the next four weeks I will share with you the four main points of the program that I introduced to Marty, which ultimately transformed him from being “allergic to earth” to successfully receiving the report from his allergist that he was only allergic to potatoes and mustard, and no longer needed the special services of an allergist. Pretty impressive, right?

What are the four main points?

#1: One of the initial areas we addressed with Marty was his beverage consumption. Due to his sugar allergy, he drank diet sodas as his primary source of hydration, neglecting water almost entirely.

It's essential to recognize that our bodies consist of approximately 60% water. Without proper hydration, we cannot have proper circulation. And without proper circulation we cannot have good and abundant health. Since proper circulation is a prerequisite for good health and vitality, water plays a crucial role in combating chronic inflammation, which lies at the root of any autoimmune condition.

Water aids our largest organ, our skin, promoting skin elasticity, and opening pores for detoxification.

It also aids in the body's respiration process by enhancing lung elasticity for easier breathing.

Moreover, water contributes to our flexibility by hydrating and lubricating joints and tissues.

Every bodily function depends on water. Inadequate hydration results in sluggish blood flow, impeding repair processes within the body.

Consumption of sugar and fat leads to increased body temperature due to inflammation. Water helps regulate our temperature, enabling both cooling and warming effects.

Saliva and tears formation, along with proper digestion and efficient movement of food through the digestive tract, rely on adequate water intake. Water facilitates the distribution of nutrients to their intended destinations while aiding in waste elimination.

When we maintain hydration, our blood remains thinner, allowing it to reach even the tiniest vessels, which may already be compromised due to neuropathy resulting from poor blood circulation.

Water acts as a shock absorber for the brain and spinal cord.

Dehydration often leads to fatigue and a sense of exhaustion. Do you count on caffeine to give you a good “pick-me-up”?

While beverages like coffee, tea, and soda contain water, they also contain caffeine, sugar, or sweeteners. These additives hinder digestion, contribute empty calories, disrupt metabolism (the rate at which calories are burned), and impede proper hydration. Both sugar and caffeine act as diuretics, dehydrating the body.

Does caffeine really give you a “pick-me-up”? Caffeine may provide the sensation of a temporary energy boost due to the body perceiving there is an emergency because caffeine creates a restriction of blood flow to the brain. Just one cup of coffee can restrict blood flow to the brain by 40%. Therefore, adrenaline is called into action. It is adrenaline that causes the “pick-me-up” feeling. But because no real emergency took place calling for the need of adrenaline, confusion was created resulting in a numbing effect toward caffeine. Therefore, more and more caffeine becomes necessary to get the same “pick-me-up” feeling. Can you relate?

When I suggested that Marty reduce his soda intake and increase his water consumption, he agreed. Together, we developed a schedule that made drinking water much more manageable for him, and he transitioned to almost exclusively drinking water.

What were the results? Marty was racing motorcycles at the time, and he said, “Almost immediately I noticed my headaches were all but gone, my alertness was enhanced, and reaction time quicker while racing.”

By prioritizing proper water hydration, the original liquid given man to drink, Marty embarked on a transformative journey that yielded astounding outcomes.

Of course, there is more to the story than “just add water” … and we will give you the other 3 Tips in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! Marty’s story will continue next Wednesday.

Has Marty's story inspired you to consider the importance of proper hydration and the potential impact it can have on your overall well-being?

If you've been struggling with inflammation, I invite you to explore the Start a New YOU!® Program. By incorporating Bible-based principles and addressing every aspect of life, this program offers a unique perspective and holistic solutions for achieve your best health. Guaranteed!

We all know better than we do, however, knowledge without application is useless.

Today, you can Start a New YOU!® Today, are you ready to take the first step towards a transformative journey, it can begin by prioritizing your hydration?

In the Start a New YOU!® Program, we will help you step by step through your transformative journey. If you are not sure how to replace sugary beverages and caffeinated drinks with pure, refreshing water, I can help you make a unique-to-you hydration plan, just like I did for Marty, so you too can experience the benefits of improved circulation, enhanced energy, and a revitalized sense of well-being, and lower inflammation levels. Embrace the power of hydration and discover the positive changes it can bring to your life, today.

Don't settle for "I've tried everything" when there's still an opportunity to embark on a new path towards a healthier, happier you. Join the Start a New YOU!® Program and unlock your potential for lasting transformation. Are you ready?

Still have questions. Schedule a Free Interview below.

Start your journey today and embrace the possibilities that await to win the battle against inflammation!

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