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Motivational Monday-Jack's Story of Reversing Diabetes Naturally

I was diagnosed with diabetes when my labs results came back with a blood sugar over 400 mg/dl. The doctor placed me on metformin and said, “If this doesn’t get it under control, I will start you on insulin.”

I said, “I don’t think so. I would like to try another way.” After talking with some friends who recommended Dana West, a dietitian, I called to schedule an appointment.

I am a dog-trainer and know about behavior change and so does Dana. She asked me two questions, “Do you want to manage or reverse diabetes?” I said, “I want to get off my medication.” She said, “To get off medication you have to reverse it.” She then asked her second question: “Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get off medication?” I replied, “Yes, I get it. I'm in."

She then said she was going to be in touch with me for 10 days straight. That started the accountability. Each evening I texted her what I had eaten, my exercise, blood glucose levels, and some other information. She would respond back with recommendations. She was available to answer any questions and brainstorm with me as to why my sugar was elevated.

Within a week, I had sugars within normal levels and in less than three months was completely off medication. Let me be the first to tell you, just because your numbers are within range does not mean diabetes is gone. The battle is real, and I still have to fight the battle if I want to remain free from diabetes.

~Jack Richards~

You can listen to Jack Testimony on YouTube

You too can manage and reverse diabetes and get your life back!

Learn how by clicking the link below!


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