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Motivational Monday-Reversing High Blood Pressure Naturally with Plant-Based Diet and Exercise

It was about five years ago that I was first introduced to Dana West and Abundant Health Wellness Center in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I had a follow-up with my doctor. One of his concerns was inconsistent blood pressure readings. I'm a caregiver and caregiving can at times be stressful and that was revealed by elevating my blood pressure. He wanted to prescribe some medication--that's what general practitioners are trained to do.

I politely told him, "All due respect but I'm not a fan of medication. Is there another alternative, like maybe a better diet?"

I was already in good shape. For years, I have worked out with weights at local recreation centers, and I also followed what I thought to be a good diet.

My doctor respected my wishes and told me about a dietitian he knew in town--Dana West.

I visited Dana and she got me hooked on a mostly plant-based diet. I have to admit, I'm not 100% plant-based, but at least 90%. I don't eat red meat at all (steaks, burgers, BBQ, or chicken, etc.). The other advice Dana gave me was to supplement my workouts with some cardio-related exercises and activities. Ever since, I have added a half-mile walk around the track every time I work out with weights and machines. So, for the last five years, I have kept all of my muscles in shape, including that heart muscle!

The results of my change in physical activities and nutrition have been obvious, physically, mentally, and socially. I now live in Hot Springs, Arkansas. More than once, my doctor has made comments about my excellent health.

He told me that he talks about me at his clinic, where I go for my check-ups. He also once told me that I am in better condition than any of the patients they see at the clinic.

Socially, I get a lot of stares and glimpses in public, and I am often asked what I do to stay in shape. I tell them: The solution is simple--good diet and exercise. However, knowing what to do and doing it are two different things. You need to have the drive to do it. Motivation without action is not motivation. Additionally, there is a connection between good health and a good mental attitude. Good health not only helps us stay mentally healthy psychologically but also physiologically--I am a testimony to that with BP reading consistently under 120/80!

At the YMCA, where I work out, at 76 years young, I am the oldest dude in the weightlifting, barbell area. Please don't use your chronological age as an excuse for not enjoying life to the fullest. Thank you, Dana!

Eli Vega, Photo Artist

See Eli Vega’s Video Testimonial on Abundant Health Wellness Center YouTube Channel.


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