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Finding a Medical Team that is Open to Natural Treatments

I want to again personally thank you for participating in the survey, Discover the 3 Biggest Challenges Facing Sufferers of Chronic Inflammatory Pain When Trying to Treat it Naturally.

In my previous blog, I shared with you the top 3 natural treatments that really work when it comes to reducing Chronic Inflammatory Pain naturally. If you missed it, below is a link to my blog post.

Remember Sara* from my previous email? She was in a lot of pain from swollen joints and was suffering from chronic fatigue. Even though she loved her work, she was considering a career change because of the pain she came home with night after night.

How did Sara arrive at my office?

The Rheumatologist had told her that many people can control inflammation through diet and lifestyle, and some can even achieve complete remission. Sara was ready to do anything to get her life back, so she took the offer to have a referral sent to me and when the office called, she was ready to book an appointment.

Today, I am sharing the second highest challenge facing sufferers of Chronic Inflammatory Pain when it comes to treating it naturally. And that is finding a medical team that is open and knowledgeable regarding natural treatments for inflammation.

Where did Sara find a rheumatologist that saw the value of natural treatments?

Where can you go to find such practitioners?

I will share two resources and two recommendations in the lines following, so keep reading!

I have been privileged to work with several naturally like-minded Doctors and Nurse Practitioners over the years that are not only open to natural treatments but are great advocates for promoting and using natural treatments. There is now an entire board accreditation for lifestyle medicine for medical practitioners such as me. These are medical professionals that are interested in using natural means as their frontline defense against disease and ailments even before medications for interested patients.

I personally know several of these practitioners from around the world and you can search for one in your area here:

You will also find my name, Dana West, on the list as a registered dietitian for Arkansas.

If you are in my local area, Northwest Arkansas, I recommend:

Dr. Charles Mills, Rheumatologist and Lifestyle Medicine. This is who referred Sara to me. At the time of this writing, he is currently working at ARcare in Farmington, AR. He sees patients from all over the state and offers virtual appointments as well. (I think he may require in-person visit once a year.)

Tamra Cox, APRN, works with a group of online doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals that are open to natural remedies and they work all over the country. Here is the link: This program does not accept traditional insurances.

And of course, there are great benefits of having a Dietitian on your medical team, because we get to do the fun stuff, like play while you learn and get your life back. Click here to check out my website and click here to schedule an appointment and see how powerful an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle can be in helping you be able to do the things you used to love to do again! If you are not in my local area, check out our fun, motivating and interactive online programs here.

In my next blog, you will receive valuable information for dealing with the number one highest challenge facing sufferers of Chronic Inflammatory Pain when trying to treat it naturally and read all about Sara’s results.

*This is her real name and it is used with permission.


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