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Motivational Monday

"Fear is an insidious virus. Given a breeding place in our minds, it will permeate the whole body of our work; it will eat away our spirit and block the forward path of our endeavors. Fear is the greatest enemy of progress. Progress moves ever on and does not linger to consider microscopically the implications of each particular action. Only small and over cautious minds see the shadows of lurking enemies and dangers everywhere and shrink away from the increased efforts needed to overcome them. Fear is met and destroyed with courage. Again and again, when the struggle seems hopeless and all opportunity lost – some man or woman with a little more courage, a little more effort, brings victory."

~James F. Bell~

You can meet your health goals, fight the battle a little longer! The New YOU is right around the corner. Try our Start a New YOU!® Program for 30 days and if you are not satisfied with the results we will refund your money in full. Schedule your free interview today, to see if the Start a New YOU!® Program is right for you or call our office at 479-363-6585.

Here are what a couple of our latest graduates have said:

"This program works! I suffered from chronic generalized anxiety, shortness of breath, severe eye inflammation, and acid reflux, I knew I needed to change my lifestyle but felt overwhelmed about where to start. I had heard of the Start a New YOU!® Program and the program content sparked my interest. It also didn’t hurt that my medical practitioner warned me that without change I was a perfect candidate for a cardiac event. That was the motivation I needed."

"I am so glad that I participated in the Start a New YOU!® Program. I have changed my life and lifestyle. The difference in my health and attitude is amazing. I have more energy, less brain fog, sleep better, and eat nutritious food that I actually like (I was a notoriously life-long picky eater before). Starting a daily exercise program and particularly taking walks outdoors has helped reduce my anxiety and has been beneficial in strengthening my lungs.

My medical practitioners agree with me that this program has significantly helped me – I am no longer a candidate for a cardiac event; my eye inflammation has dramatically been reduced; and I no longer need medication for acid reflux. I am also proud to say I have lost 10 pounds." ~JM~

"Prior to the program I had a foot injury and suffered with arthritis, osteoarthritis, inflammation, eye problems, bloated stomach, wheat/gluten intolerance & excess weight.

When I started the Start a New YOU!® program, I learned more about eating and preparing healthy meals. I learned the Bible principles of food and the 10 Essentials of Health and, being able to cooperate with God, helped me to persevere to the end. Having a supporting coach who sympathizes with and tries to understand where we are coming from through this journey gave me great encouragement."

"Seeing food in a different way, as medicine to my body, my inflammation has now gone, my eye is much better, no more bloating. I have lost the amount of weight I desired, no more pain in my foot currently. My relationship with God is much better and what I eat is now a lifestyle rather than just a diet. I have achieved better optimal health!" ~MB~

Abundant Health Wellness Center is here to help you put knowledge into action to achieve your current best health. Book your Appointment today to Start a New YOU!®


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