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Motivational Monday-The Power of the Body to Heal

A very frustrated gentleman called. He said his doctor has been watching his blood sugar for years. It was running “a little higher than normal”, but it wasn't what would be classified as diabetes. “I've been watching it for several years now and it's always been fine, just fine! Then I went to the doctor and all of the sudden, my blood sugar was over 300, what happened?”

This is a common scenario in the life of many of my clients. Although this is common, it certainly is not normal.

The body is the most amazing machine on earth! So amazing that, in many cases, it does not even throw out the first complaint until it is 70-90% compromised. The body puts up with a lot of abuse until it is completely overburdened, then it cries out “all of the sudden” in desperation, “Help! I need some help, and I need it now!”

The diagnosis might be heart disease, or diabetes, or high cholesterol, or auto-immune disease, but at some point, the body will cry out for relief even though everything seemed to be going along “fine, just fine” for a very long time.

In actuality, everything had not been “fine, just fine” with the gentleman. There had been a quiet, deceptive, underlying, ravaging process going on that he did not realize. The process began its silent, ravaging, hidden work in the darkness of the body. Lab work, BP readings, and other extensive tests can give us clues that something is starting to go amiss, they can help make the invisible visual, but only after the body can no longer cover it up. The problem could be perpetuating “for several years” while the body tries very hard to manage the problem on its own.

But there is good news. And Deepak Chopra summarizes it nicely for us: “No matter how much it gets abused, the body can restore balance. The first rule is to stop interfering with nature.”

Are you ready to bring your body back into a state of proper circulation and natural physiology to experience the balance of health again?

Then check out our Start a New YOU!® Program!

Would these benefits be important to you?

  1. Allow the body to easily digest food and work on cleaning up intestinal tract to detoxify, cleanse, and readily absorb nutrients again.

  2. Improve your immune system functioning, reduce inflammation so you can experience inner body calming effects and renew your energy.

  3. Relieve constipation, diarrhea, nausea.

  4. Promote better blood flow to the brain, reducing brain fog and sharpening mental acuity.

  5. Improve weight management.

  6. Lower Blood Pressure, Glucose, and risks of chronic diseases or chronic disease progression.

  7. Reduce stress.

  8. Break food addictions, Regulate appetite and taste perception.

  9. Reduce food (and possibly medication) expenses.

  10. Conquer fears and regain your “kick" in life, be lighter on your feet, and begin a successful health experience so you can do the things you love again.

If that sounds inviting, click the link below to begin just such a journey in our Start a New YOU! ® Program.

If you have questions, sign up for a 30-minute FREE INTERVIEW to see if the Start a New YOU!® Program is right for you.

We guarantee it will be way more beneficial than your monetary investment. If after 60 days, you have been following the program recommendations and you are not satisfied, we will refund your money. Why wait? Begin the Journey to Start a New YOU, Today!

For more information, click the link below.

“He who has health has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.” ~Thomas Carlyle~

Isn’t it time to start the journey back to health?


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