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Tasty Tuesday-Spinach with Artichoke

Spinach with Artichoke

Yield: 5 ½-cup servings


  • 5 cloves garlic, minced

  • ½ cup onion, chopped

  • 2 Tablespoons coconut milk

  • 1-pound frozen spinach

  • ½-1 teaspoon salt

  • 1-2 Tablespoons nutritional yeast

  • 1 cup cooked artichoke hearts, drained and chopped

  • 3 Tablespoons Tofutti Cream Cheese (optional)


  1. Prepare garlic and onion and place in a medium pot with oil. Sauté vegetables until onion is translucent.

  2. Add spinach salt and nutritional yeast. Cover and cook for 5 minutes or until spinach is thawed. Stir until ingredients are well combined.

  3. Add remaining ingredients to spinach and mix well. Cook for two more minutes to heat evenly.

  4. Serve. Bon Appétit!

Nutritional Facts per ½ cup:

Calories 56

Fat 2 g

Cholesterol 0 mg

Sodium 234 mg

Carbohydrates 9 g

Fiber 3 g

Protein 4 g

Vitamin D 0 mcg

Calcium 99 mg

Iron 3 mg

Potassium 551 mg

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